How to Check Status of a Transfer

To fetch the execution status of a transfer, the /status endpoint can be queried. View the full API reference for the /status endpoint here.

The next step in our transaction flow is a status check. You can check the status of a transaction by querying the /status endpoint.

Checking a transaction's status is important because it has two (2) essential functions:

  • It let's you know the current state of your transaction.
  • Most importantly, it also reports the txHash of your transaction to Swing, which enables Swing to track your transaction on the blockchain.

It's important to note that if the /status endpoint is not queried at least once after a transaction is sent, the transaction will not appear in the Transactions section of your platform's dashboard. Once the transaction's status has been queried, it will be displayed on your dashboard:


Making a Request


Query Parameters:

id239750Transaction ID from /send response
txHash0x3b2a04e2d16489bcbbb10960a248.....The transaction hash identifier.
projectIdreplugYour project's ID

Sample Request

const result = await axios.get(
    params: {
      id: 239750,
      txHash: '0x3b2a04e2d16489bcbbb10960a248bcbbb1090000..........',
      projectId: 'replug',


  "status": "Completed",
  "refundReason": "",
  "errorReason": null,
  "needClaim": false,
  "bridge": "dodo",
  "txId": "s1712147672836",
  "txStartedTimestamp": 1712147713,
  "txCompletedTimestamp": 1712147713,
  "fromUserAddress": "0x018c15da1239b84b08283799b89045cd476bbbbb",
  "toUserAddress": "0x018c15da1239b84b08283799b89045cd476bbbbb",
  "fromTokenAddress": "0x3c499c542cef5e3811e1192ce70d8cc03d5c3359",
  "fromAmount": "400000",
  "fromAmountUsdValue": "0.4",
  "fromChainId": 137,
  "fromChainSlug": "polygon",
  "fromChainTxHash": "0x0554846ce55a79b5b635230263a7252c6b7749d1c32a845185e5f35d1aeb150b",
  "toTokenAddress": "0xeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee",
  "toAmount": "443119108223201734",
  "toAmountUsdValue": "0.402",
  "toChainId": 137,
  "toChainSlug": "polygon",
  "toChainTxHash": "0x0554846ce55a79b5b635230263a7252c6b7749d1c32a845185e5f35d1aeb150b",
  "updatedAt": "2024-04-03T12:36:46.810Z",
  "createdAt": "2024-04-03T12:34:32.846Z",
  "id": 238617,

Polling Transaction Status

For the sake of user experience, while a live transaction is processing, it’s best to periodically poll the transaction status endpoint to check if the transaction is complete. This will keep your users informed about the status of their transactions in real time.

Let's define a function for checking a transaction's status:

async function getStatus({ id, txHash, projectId }) {
  const result = await axios.get(
      params: {

Polling the transaction status endpoint means that we will be periodically querying the /status endpoint until the status property in the response is no longer one of the following:

  • Submitted
  • Not Sent
  • Pending Source Chain
  • Pending Destination Chain

Once the transaction status does not match any of the following, it indicates that the /send endpoint has returned a status message specifying whether the transaction has failed or completed.

Next, We will use setTimeout() to execute our getStatus() function every 5000 milliseconds recursively until the conditions stated above are met.

const pendingStatuses = [
  'Not Sent',
  'Pending Source Chain',
  'Pending Destination Chain',
const transactionPollingDuration = 5000;
async function pollTransactionStatus({ transId, txHash, projectId }) {
  const transactionStatus = await getTransStatus({
  if (pendingStatuses.includes(transactionStatus?.status)) {
      () => pollTransactionStatus({ transId, txHash, projectId }),
  } else {
      transactionStatus === 'Completed'
        ? 'Transaction Completed'
        : 'Transaction Failed',

Next, we will call our pollTransactionStatus() function right after executing our callData:

const transaction = await sendTransaction();
let txData = {
  from: transaction.tx.from,
  value: transaction.tx.value,
  gasLimit: transaction.tx.gas,
const txHash = await executeTxData(txData);
await pollTransactionStatus({
  projectId: 'replug',