Swing API Guide

Here you will find helpful API guides and references to integrate Swing API directly into your dApp, web or mobile application.

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If you're unsure whether our API is the right integration type for you, check out our guide to help you choose the best integration type for you or your team.

What can you do with the Swing API?

  • Swap and bridge thousands of digital assets, any token to any token, irrespective of the underlying blockchain.
  • Stake, lend and deposit assets into any protocol on the same chain or across different chains.
  • Find the best routes for on-chain and cross-chain token transfers and swaps.
  • Access aggregated decentralized liquidity across cross-chain bridges, blockchains, and decentralized exchange networks.

How to use Swing API

How to Bridge & Swap tokens

Learn how to complete a cross-chain swap using the Swing API.

How to Deposit tokens

Learn how to perform complex contract-call transactions using the Swing API

List transaction history

Learn how to get a list of transactions using the Swing API