Welcome to the Swing Documentation

Here you'll find guides, resources and references to build with Swing.

Swing is the unified digital asset solution for cross-chain liquidity and bridge aggregation.

Connect your dApp to Swing and instantly access cross-chain liquidity from blockchains, bridges and liquidity aggregators. Perform non-custodial token swaps, bridging and protocol deposits for a wide range of digital assets, any token to any token, irrespective of the underlying blockchain.

Get access to Swing Platform - a tool to configure supporting chains, tokens and bridges. Access the metrics dashboard to track transaction volume, number of wallets, top pairs and more.


Adding Swing to your dApp is very easy! Our cross-chain tools are designed to work with any developer stack and accommodate all possible use cases.

If you're unsure which integration type is right for you, this guide can help you decide.

SDK Guides

Build your own any-to-any cross-chain UI and interact with Swing API & web3 wallets.

🎯 A great choice for JavaScript developers looking to build quickly

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Widget Guides

Learn how to embed the cross-chain widget into your app with a few lines of code.

🎯 A slick pre-built plug and play UI for developers looking to quickly go to market.

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API Guides

Learn the key API principles and how to integrate endpoints into dApps, web or mobile apps.

🎯 Perfect for developers who aren't using a JavaScript stack!

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Platform Guides

Set up and configure your integration with the Swing Platform

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Example Templates

Interact with a demo and copy some code to jumpstart your cross-chain development.

Learn about Swing Platform

Get started with Swing Platform and learn how it works.

Chains, Bridges & Liquidity

View a list of supported chains, bridges, tokens and liquidity sources.

Code Audits

Security reviews are critical. View our code audits from leading security auditing firms.