Swing SDK Guide

Here you will find helpful SDK guides to integrate Swing SDK components directly into your dApp/Swap/Wallet UI.


The Swing SDK provides you with utilities for interacting with Swing's API and web3 wallets, which will enable you to build your own any-to-any cross-chain swap UI.

Looking for a fully featured, embeddable widget instead? Check out the Swing Widget

What can you do with Swing SDK?

  • Swap and bridge thousands of cryptoassets, any token to any token, irrespective of the underlying blockchain.
  • Find the best routes for on-chain and cross-chain token transfers and swaps.
  • Access aggregated decentralized liquidity across cross-chain bridges, blockchains, and decentralized exchange networks.

Getting Started

We've put together SDK guides to teach you the important aspects of the SDK. Follow along, step by step, to learn how to integrate with our UI components:

Install the SDK

Learn how to install and setup the Swing SDK.

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Connect a Wallet

Learn how to connect a supported wallet to the Swing SDK.

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List available transfer routes

Get a list of available routes for a transfer using the Swing SDK.

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Execute a Transfer

Learn to execute a cross-chain swap using the Swing SDK.

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