List available routes

Swing searches across all available routes across blockchains, contracts and DEXes before initiating a token transfer.

Depending on the contract, your quote may include one or two types of routes:

  • deposit: native staking route
  • swap: DEX aggregator route

Use the instructions below to request all possible routes from our API.

If you haven't already, make sure you have connected a wallet.

Set the transfer parameters

To get a quote, you'll need to provide the source chain and the destination contract. You can use the SDK's staking contract methods to help.

import type { TransferParams } from '';
// Get all available destination chains with a staking contract
const stakingChains = swingSDK.getAvailableStakingChains({
  fromChainSlug: 'ethereum',
// Choose a staking chain then get all available contracts
const contracts = swingSDK.getContractsForChain({
  chainSlug: stakingChains[0],
// Choose the contract you want to deposit into
const contract = contracts[0];
// Deposit USDC on ethereum to a staking contract
const transferParams: TransferParams = {
  fromUserAddress: '0x0000', // Source chain wallet address
  toUserAddress: '0x0000', // Destination wallet address
  fromChain: 'ethereum', // Source chain
  fromToken: 'USDC', // Source token
  amount: '100', // Amount to transfer in token decimals
  // Provide the chain, token and ID from the chosen contract
  toChain: contract.chain,
  toToken: contract.inputToken.symbol,

Get a quote

Get a quote for each available route for the transfer.

const quote = await swingSDK.getQuote(transferParams);

Choose a route

The best route will always be listed first, but feel free to choose any available bridge or exchange. You use this route in the next step, execute a staking.

const transferRoute = quote.routes[0];