Use Cases

Swing simplifies how developers integrate and route cross-chain liquidity into everyday dApps.

Here's a few ways you can integrate with Swing:

⛓ Swaps & Bridging

Enable users to swap and/or bridge assets directly within your dApp. Swing unlocks access to deep liquidity across 20+ EVM and non-EVM chains, 10 bridges, 20+ liquidity sources - all in one single integration. With Swing, developers can provide their users with the best user experience where they don't have to think about where to go to get the right asset.

Swing supports both cross-chain and single-chain swaps. Check supported chains, bridges and liquidity

Use Swing to build swaps directly into:

  • 💵 Wallets
  • 🔀 DeFi protocols
  • 📈 DEXes
  • 🏦 Money Markets
  • 👾 GameFi & Metaverse
  • 🏪 NFT marketplaces
  • 📊 Yield aggregators or Yield as a service
  • 🤖 Arbitrage bots

💰 Deposits: staking, lending and more

Enable users to use any asset on any chain to deposit tokens into staking, lending and liquidity protocols in one single transaction. With Swing, developers can increase customer adoption and volume by providing a user-friendly experience, where customers on any chain can deposit funds without going through the trouble of bridging and swapping first.

Swing supports both cross-chain and single-chain protocol deposits.


  • User sends USDC on Polygon to stake ETH on Lido Ethereum. User recieves stETH in their wallet.
  • User sends USDT on Ethereum to stake ETH on Rocketpool.

Use Swing to build swaps directly into:

  • 📈 Staking Platforms
  • 🏦 Lending Platforms
  • 💰 Liquidity Platforms
  • 📊 Yield Aggregator Platforms
  • 🤖 Derivatives Trading Platforms
  • and more...

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