Swing Widget

The Swing Widget allows you to seamlessly bridge and swap thousands of crypto assets across more than 30 blockchains. It's a user-friendly collection of pre-made UI elements that make it easy to implement secure cross-chain bridging and swapping for your dApp or web application.


  • Connect to all chains, bridges, and exchanges supported by the Swing SDK and API
  • Utilize chain-agnostic smart routing with the option to enable or disable specific chains, tokens, and bridges
  • Manage your wallets with support for over 100 options, making it easy to move assets between EVM and non-EVM chains
  • Track transactions in real-time and view ongoing swaps and past swap history
  • Easily integrate it as a component in any React app or embed it anywhere as a Web Component.
  • Experience the widget firsthand by trying it out for yourself.

Try it out

Try out the Swing Widget embedded directly within this page!

Please note: This app is for demonstration purposes only. No real funds can be traded here.