Add Project Identifier

The Project Identifier (projectId) is used to identify your application's configuration, and associate transactions with your application.

Using a swing project identifier allows you to manage your configuration within the Swing Platform. With Swing Platform, you and your team can instantly deploy configurations, see live transaction metrics and more. Learn more about the Swing Platform or sign up for free.

How to get a project identifier

  1. Create a free account with Swing Platform
  2. Setup your project and copy your unique project Identifier.

Due to compliance reasons, to give your users the best user experience and to prevent failed transactions, we advise you to notify your users whether they're connecting from a restricted jurisdiction or not. Learn more here.

How to add a project identifier

Add your Swing project identifier as a property on the widget component:

React Comonents

For usage within React, you can use the React components directly. You'll need to import each component individually.

<Swap projectId="swing-project-id" />
<Stake projectId="swing-project-id" />
<Withdraw projectId="swing-project-id" />
<Gas projectId="swing-project-id" />

Web Components

For usage outside of React, you can use the web components directly. The web components are automatically registered when you import the Swing Widget library.

<swing-swap projectId="example-project"></swing-swap>
<swing-stake projectId="example-project"></swing-stake>
<swing-withdraw projectId="example-project"></swing-withdraw>
<swing-gas projectId="example-project"></swing-gas>