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Jan 18th, 2023

v0.10.14: and

Bug Fixes

  • Swing API: quote endpoint should not return a negative value for Axelar bridge
  • route select items should not be squished


Jan 17th, 2023

v0.10.13: and


  • Swing API: added a new refund endpoint
  • a support ID is displayed in the transfer progress and transaction history dialogs

Bug Fixes

  • native tokens should show the correct token symbol
  • token balances should be refreshed on an interval
  • scrolling should stop at the last token in token list
  • "in progress" transactions should be included in the history dialog
  • search by chain name and slug should not be case sensitive
  • input amount should not have a loading state

Jan 16th, 2023

v0.10.5: and


  • Swing API: updated with the latest chains and token lists
  • updated with the latest chains and token lists